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Thinkpad T30 modem (Agere AC'97)

> IBM sells two cardlets for its ThinkPads.  The one that has only a 
> Losemodem on it came with my ThinkPad T23 and works with ltmdm.  The other 
> one (which came with NASA's T23 that I use) has both an Agere Losemodem 
> and an 802.11b NIC.  As far as I have been able to tell, there is no 
> support at all for the Agere, though the NIC on that cardlet works just 
> fine.

Actually, there's at least one more. The mini-PCI card currently fitted 
to my HP Omnibook[0] is an Intel NIC (fxp driver) and a Lucent modem 
(works perfectly with 'ltmdm'). The Intel NIC offers PXEboot, 
downloadable microcode (in FreeBSD) and doesn't ever have the problems 
with high load that the original 3Com did.

It was originally an IBM part (strangely, I think it was described as an 
"EtherJet"), bought as NOS on Ebay for $25.

The connectors are standardized, doesn't even void warranty for 



[0] Omnibook 6000's came with a 3Com NIC and a 3Com Losemodem. The NIC 
kind of sucked, but the modem wasn't ever going to work.

6100's came with an Intel/Lucent card stock, so an alternate source for 
this would be HP. I think some Compaqs also used the Intel/Lucent combo, 
but it can be tough to work it out from their parts listings.

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