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OpenBSD Boston hackathon

OK, so some of you may have become aware of a very high amount of
source code changes happening over the last two weeks.

On Thursday June 21, OpenBSD hackers started trickling into Boston.
In the end, we had about 32 developers hacking until the afternoon of
Wednesday the 26th, when Usenix started in downtown Boston..  Once
Usenix had started though, hacking of course continued....  one
evening we took over the 3rd floor lobby with numerous machines set

An incredible amount of stuff got done.

We would like to thank Kevin Fu for arranging hacking facilities for
us at lcs.mit.edu, and Nate Binkert for organizing us with respect to
hardware.  Developer accomodations were funded by the CHATS grant we
have from DARPA, and with help from USENIX.

I was going to write up a list of the major changes that occurred.
But I think we are all just a little bit tired right about now.

We are _very_ excited about how these events are working out, and plan
to have more of them.