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Re: OT: what to do with two T1s?

On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, Derek Sivers wrote:

> #1 - put different services on the two different T1s.   (websites on 
> one.  dns & mail & office web use on the other?)
> or....
> #2 - Somehow MERGE two T1s into "redundancy" using djbdns, ipnat, or 
> something like that?
> Is there a way using our OpenBSD tools (IPNAT?), to have both T1's coming 
> into our OpenBSD router/firewall, then distribute the services from 
> there?   So that if one T1 goes down the other one will take over, and 
> nothing will be down as far as the world can tell?
Yes. The way you do this:
Assuming you have IP range A for first T1 and IP range B for second T1,
you register two nameservers with *nic, one out of range A, one out of
range B. 

  \    /
   \  /

Then, configure two instances of djbdns, bind each one to particular
interface, and make them serve entries from different zone files.

Nameserver bound to IP in range A must serve zone which only contains IPs
in range A.

You must have low TTL on all your entries (<30 minutes) as it determines
how fast the failover will be.

Then, using IPnat, map statically ports from both ranges to one internal
range, so internal machines wouldn't need to care where'd packet come

I have this setup at home. Its not bad at all.