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Re: XFS from SGI and OpenBSD

I'm curious how this evolved from a guy asking if he can access a SGI
XFS partition, to an explanation of "soft updates" and journaling. 
The latter is irrelevant.  The guys migrating from linux and wanted to
know if he can get to his data on an XFS partition, I gave him a link
to the OpenBSD FAQ, page 9, Migrating from Linux.  And I then quoted
the section which explains that OpenBSD does not support journaling
filesystems such as SGI's XFS.  Question answered.  Additionally,
another poster had the good suggestion that he could use NFS if he
could move the disk to another machine which can mount XFS partitions.
 But I have no idea how the specifics of soft updates became relevant.
 If you don't like the quote from the FAQ, talk to whoever maintains


On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 09:16:25 +1100 (Australia/ACT)
Darren Reed <avalon@coombs.anu.edu.au> wrote:

> In some mail from tolls, sie said:
> > 
> > You might check out:
> > http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq9.html
> > 
> > Specifically the section which says:
> > "OpenBSD does NOT support Journaling Filesystems like ReiserFS,
> > JFS or SGIs XFS.  Instead we use Soft Updates."
> To the best of my knowledge, "soft updates" are not the basis of a
> journalling filesystem.  Instead, it is about when meta data on the
> disk is updated vs data on the disk.  If your box crashes (or loses
> power) and the disk isn't "clean" at bootup, fsck doesn't have a
> transaction log it can use (as you do with journalling filesystems)
> and so must check the entire partition.
> Darren