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Java & OpenBSD

Not that it's hard or anything, but I want to "dumb down" a couple of
configuration aspects of OpenBSD, preferably with a web browser interface. I
was thinking much along the same lines as the SAMBA swat utility.

Things that the end user may want to change to get the box working as an
internal mail server / internet sharing / firewall / fax server (after we
have configured it to Fax, NAT & filter etc...), such as:

        ISP's phone number, username and password
        Static IP address (if any)
        DNS server addresses (or automatic, you choose)
        Mail accounts, servers & passwords
        Fax header info   etc ...

This would be a piece of cake for me to write a little web server in Java
that dished up straight HTML to some (internal LAN- local) port on the box,
but I was wondering if I could draw comments on the following points:

1) which java runtime is the best / most stable or works OK?
2) what java experiences are out there (good or bad)
3) does anyone know of a similar project being worked on?
4) are there any in-built security issues with Java I should be worried
Bear in mind that these boxes will only go to small networks and everyone on
the internal LAN is trustworthy.
5) should I just bite the bullet and use C++?
6) is this a stupid idea? I want to take OpenBSD to the "masses", as an
appliance, much like the Cobalt Cube, but without proprietory architecture.

Thanks in advance for any comments ...

Guy Daniel