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Missing file: llib-lc.ln, *not*


This is mainly for the records.

I'm not sure many people still use lint on their C code, but I
was checking a couple of source files I've written and found
that the so called "lint library" for standard C, "llib-lc.ln",
was missing from my system (OpenBSD/i386-current (Sep 4)), or so
I thought anyway.

It appears that other people has noticed this as well (it's been
reported here on misc@ in 1998 and 2001) but noone ever replied,
as far as I could make out.

I later found that the file is actually called "llib-lstdc.ln"
and that it simply was the manual page which was out of sync
with reality.

Two solutions:  Make /usr/libdata/lint/llib-lc.ln a link
to /usr/libdata/lint/llib-lstdc.ln (which makes the manual
truthful), or make sure to always use "-Cstdc".

Andreas Kähäri
East Anglia, England