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bisdn + syncppp

Hi Guys!

I got bisdn 0.97 compiled on openbsd and it all seems to work fine. (e.g.
the kernel sees my ISA Teles 16.3 card...recognizes tel.calls etc)

Ok...thats nice ...but now I want to get a pppd which supports syncppp over
isdn. I tried a netbsd alpha patch on bisdn and a pppd source for it but
couldn't get it to compile here. (wants to find "PPP_DATA" ..(am not in
OpenBSD so cannot check that now.) but I cannot find that var or whatever it
is in any header/include file...checked even several netbsd sources and so
on.) (keep in mind I got only like a week of *BSD experience here ;))

Anyone got any idea ? Or a working pppd (source/patch?) supporting syncppp
with bisdn (0.97?) ?
Any kind of info is appreciated...!

Also tried isdn4bsd but it didnt compile on one point in the kernel source.
(and that has sppp(control) along so I supposedly don't need a patched pppd
next to that ;))

(kernel with i4b patches didnt compile on this btw:
"../../../../arch/i386/i386/conf.c:290: `i4bpoll' undeclared here
(not in a function)"
...(and ofcourse alot of errors after that first one))

Don't have the cash here for a more clever isdn adapter so any info/help is
appreciated...;) (14k4 on the net when having 64/128K isdn is a pain...such
a krad OS and not being able to use isdn hurts ;))


Bas Oude Nijeweme