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Re: "3 fingers"

Tobias Weingartner <weingart@wolfram.com> wrote:
> > What's dubious about it?
> What if someone is running something "important", and you just blew it out
> of the water?

Well, then it's not half as bad as if you had just pressed the reset
button without shutting down cleanly.

> If the machine is so hosed that you can't log in, chances are that
> you will not be able to use the three-finger salute either.  Time to hit that
> reset switch (and get ready for fsck time)...

UNIX machines seem to quite often get themselves into a state so that
the kernel is still running fine (pinging the machine still works),
but userland is dead (at the very least, you can't login or run
'reboot'). I figure a ctrl-alt-del shutdown feature would prevent
unecessary trashing-of-disks in these cases.

It's very frustrating when you're sitting there looking at a machine
which you know would be fine, if you could just sync the disks, but you
have no way of doing it. So you have to press reset and watch fsck destroy
the disk. (I haven't had this last happen with OpenBSD yet, but I figure
unless its ffs is severely different to NetBSD's it's just a matter of time.)


\/ Jon Ribbens / jon@oaktree.co.uk