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Re: Building X on OpenBSD 2.2

On Mon, 4 May 1998, Barclay Osborn wrote:
> I'm trying to install X on top of a fresh install of OpenBSD 2.2.  So far,
> I havn't even gotten the build to finish without errors. 

A set of ready to unpack binaries already exists on the OpenBSD2.2
CD-ROMs.  If you need some tips on that, I just re-did mine.  Here's a
little script that I used (having already mounted the cdrom on /cdrom):

mkdir /usr/X11R6
cd /usr/X11R6
sh /cdrom/2.2/i386/X11/preinst.sh
/cdrom/2.2/i386/X11/extract /cdrom/2.2/i386/X11/X331*.tgz
sh /cdrom/2.2/i386/X11/postinst.sh

Austin Hook