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Re: "3 fingers"

> > > maybe I have stupid question, but how to activate Ctrl + Alt + Delete
> > > OpenBSD shutdown?
> > > By default it doesn't work like in Linux or FreeBSD.
> > 
> > You don't.  OpenBSD doesn't have that dubious "feature".  You should
> > run the shutdown command.
> Though often if the machine becomes unusable, its handy to be able to tell
> a Network Operations Center lad to do that instead of you giving out root
> passwords on production servers.  
> Which I refuse to do.

	If the machine is unusable you usually need to have them hit
the reset button anyway. You do on most non-intel hardware, which at
least used to be built on the assumption that the OS didn't need to be
rebooted every couple of hours to keep bit rot from setting in. I
don't bother trying to explain vulcan nerve pinch sequences to NOC
gerbils because they differ from platform to platform and from os to
os in what they will or won't do. Usually it's hard enough to explain
the reset button and I simply tell them: "find big switch. power it
off. count slowly to five (not three, nor four, unless it be on the
way to five ) then power it on again".

	If the machine's not dead, it's much easier to explain "sudo
reboot" which I can make work on anything remotely 'nix like than it
is to explain where reset buttons or vulcan nerve pinch and boot
commands on many different beasties.

	Nevertheless, I don't really care if it's there or not - to me
if they have physical access to the CPU it don't matter much. If the
feature were there I'd want to be able to disable it for places like
public labs, etc. just to keep the unclued masses from using it