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Re: OpenBSD 2.3 CDs coming soon


On Sun, 3 May 1998, Theo de Raadt wrote:

> The OpenBSD 2.3 CDs will be coming out very soon, something like 2
> weeks from now.  A full release announcement will go out as soon as we

I just had my company buy a couple.  Should be ordered by five!  I'm very
excited.  I've moved a few Sparcs to OpenBSD and I'm pleased with OpenBSD
in production.

But I have to ask again, because I not only have license plates that say
"GOT ROOT" but I love stickers.  So does the 2.3 release come with
stickers?  Can I order them extra if they don't come with?  I'm totally
serious here, dammit.  

> We'd all like OpenBSD to stay around and continue to grow, don't we?

Yes, Yes, a thousand times yes.  
> I'm sorry we have to do this.  However, it looks like we have to keep
> tweaking this process so that enough money comes in the door to permit
> us to keep doing this.

Thats understandable.  Its yer baby.  However you want to take care of it
is fine with me, who am I to criticize?  I just use it.

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