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Re: "3 fingers"

On Monday, May 4, Jon Ribbens wrote:
> UNIX machines seem to quite often get themselves into a state so that
> the kernel is still running fine (pinging the machine still works),
> but userland is dead (at the very least, you can't login or run
> 'reboot'). I figure a ctrl-alt-del shutdown feature would prevent
> unecessary trashing-of-disks in these cases.

I've rarely had this happen on any of my machines, even with students
running them into the ground, (or trying to anyways).  What I have happen,
is that the console has frozen up (chinese fonts take a long time to scale),
or something else has messed up the console.  A simple 'ssh foo reboot' has
solved this for me every time.

> It's very frustrating when you're sitting there looking at a machine
> which you know would be fine, if you could just sync the disks, but you
> have no way of doing it. So you have to press reset and watch fsck destroy
> the disk. (I haven't had this last happen with OpenBSD yet, but I figure
> unless its ffs is severely different to NetBSD's it's just a matter of time.)

Hmm, I've had only good experience with fsck under OpenBSD.  This is not meant
to advocate the reset switch though...