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Re: Installation

You wrote (in your message from Mon 4)
 > How can I install OpenBSD 2.2 from a linux partition
 > on another disk? (i386 AMD K5 90mhz)
 > I saw the supported filesystems, and e2fs isn't there.
 > I have the 2.1 and 2.2 CD's but that machine has no CD.
 > (my cdrom is busy on other machine).
 > I changed the disklabels, and nothing.

As far as I remember,the  2.2 install disk has support for ext2fs. At
least the fothcoming 2.3 release has it.

Under the shell from the install diskette, use 'disklabel wd0' to find
what is the OpenBSD name of your linux partition. Then something like 
	mkdir /linux
	mount -t ext2fs /dev/wd0j /linux 

will give you access to your linux partition (assuming it's called 'j'
in your OpenBSD disklabel).