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smtpd question

I'm using the smtpd/smtpfwdd that comes with v2.2+ and am a little
purplexed that I'm seeing this in my logs:

> May  5 09:40:58 services smtpd[17104]: No reverse mapping for address (-1)
> May  5 09:15:07 services smtpd[19331]: SMTP HELO from UNKNOWN( as "gnpr.pae.osd.mil"

so how come it can't find a reverse map? I do a nslookup on the machine
and it resolves just fine. Is smtpd unable to call the resolver (in
libc) cause it's chrooted by then? That's my guess anyway.

well nope, that's not it. I have smtpd staticly linked and it still
throws this error.