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Re: "3 fingers"

>Giving the users the ability to reboot the machine is not a very good
>idea.  While it can be very useful in times of emergency it can also allow
>anyone who has access to the console without an account on the box to
>reboot the system (yes, it is true that you can just pull the plug, but
>why give them more options?).  Ctrl-Alt-Del is just a comfort that OpenBSD
>can do without.
>With linux boxes they also have the nice option of rebooting the machine
>from anywhere after the user pulls root access by exploiting a

I have my OpenBSD i386 machine in my bedroom where nobody but myself uses it.
I have been able to totaly freeze up the system at least once a week and
the only thing it responds to is pressing the reset switch.  I would
like another option, as I am afraid one day my hard disk will really get

Aaron Jackson		jackson@msrce.howard.edu