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Re[2]: "3 fingers"

Wim Vandeputte <bunbun@reptile.rug.ac.be> wrote:
> I guess the point is: if people have access to the console, they can pull 
> the plug and press reset anyways. So why not offer the 'gracefull reboot' 
> option? I trained people over here to do so with the linux boxes, in case 
> there is a power shutdown or they need to fuss around with the wiring. 
> But in no case I'm going to give them access (any sorts of login) to the 
> machines.

Instead of worrying about the whole thing, just offer it as an option, 
that if someone *wants* the option enabled, then they can have it.  It
seems we're all just wasting time and bandwidth here arguing whether or
not to include it -- so just include it as an option.

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