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Re: "3 fingers"

 [ Three fingered salute ]

 (Sigh. And I'll just contribute to a little more flogging away at
  the greasy ooze on the road that used to be a dead horse..)		

> The point is, except for VERY secure sites, once the stupid user sits
> in front of a secure console, he CAN kill the machine if he
> truely wants to...

  Of course, which is why to me it doesn't matter much security wise -
A malicious, or vindictively incompetent luser at the CPU can always
kill it. I think the step of pulling the power cord out usually
requires a few more neurons to fire than hitting ctrl-alt-del these
days - That's why for the case of the merely conventionally
incompetent, I would at least like the ability to disable it - There
are other places where I don't mind having it as a convenience.

> and very secure sites don't allow dumb users in front of the main
> console.

  Hmm.. fortunate you at a site blessed with differentiable luser
varieties. Please send me some of the not-dumb variety. 

> Obviously, the solution is to educate users... so many of them, so
> little time :->

  So automate - Washing machine motor powered LART mounted on the station,
with the kernel trapping "3 finger" and engaging it. 
  If you can't deal with the washing machine motor, let's log the
"three finger" trap even when disabled - watch your logs and LART 'em
the old fashioned slimy yet satisfying way..