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Re: man du versus BLOCKSIZE

If you look in your .cshrc file you'll see :

alias du        du -k

Which I think might be the source of your confusion.  To be POSIX
correct du should return sizes in 512 bytes, but it is more convinient
to get the information in KB.  Not a bug.

Aaron JAckson		jackson@msrce.howard.edu

>Question: is it preferred unix culture that a man page's simple option
>description such as the -k option in "du -k", state that it works in one
>definitive way, only to be corrected at the end of the same document where
>the influence of environment variables is discussed?
>Is the word "default" sacrosanct somehow so that the influence of
>environment variables would not at least be referred to in the quick
>option description?
>Anyway, I found that without mention of the influence of BLOCKSIZE on the
>-k option appearing in the same screenful of information from the man
>pages, it caused me to waste 1/2 hour trying to figure out why the -k
>option didn't seem to be working on my 486 where BLOCKSIZE was already set
>to 1k.
>Try a "man du" and see what I mean.
>Is it reasonable for me to submit small correction as a man page bug (via
>Austin Hook