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Re: subtracting levels from syslog?

On Wed, 6 May 1998, Matthew Patton wrote:

:How do I isolate a particular level of logging? As I understand it if yo
:specify a level for a facility, everything over that level gets logged
:according to the directive. Can someone shed some light on how I can
:pull this off?
:local0.notice filt.pass
:local0.warn filt.block
:Right now if anything hits local0.warn filt.pass get's the entries too.

Some syslog daemons support doing 'local0=warn' and 'local0=notice' to
select a specific priority without implying that any higher priorities
should also be included.  I suppose the source would say whether OpenBSD's
syslogd does this; I don't know.  I do know that at least some syslog
daemons that support this syntax don't document it in the syslog.conf(4)
man page.