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RE: boot switcher for NT?

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> Jim Rees
> Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 11:21 AM
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> Subject: boot switcher for NT?
> I've been using osbs20b8 to dual boot machines between Win95 and OpenBSD,
> and it works fine.  But it doesn't work with NT.  System Commander works,
> sort of, but it plays games with the sysids and it's not free.
> Can someone
> suggest a free solution?  Will lilo do what I want, and if so, how can I
> install it without installing Linux?
I am using using win95, nt and openbsd and osbs from the 2.2 cd works fine.
osbs is set for 95 and openbsd partions, then after 95 is selected I use
ntloader to select 95 or NT been working fine for months.