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Re: Help on Install

On Thursday, May 7, omar wrote:
> I have a p200 with an adaptec2940 SCSI card and two four gig HD's. My
> delima is that the first HD with ID 0 is full and is used by other OS's
> thers nothing on the second HD with ID 1. So I thought it was a good
> idea to load OpenBSD on it. So I ewnt ahead and purchased the CD set.
> Now the problem is when I finish installing and reboot the machine and
> it panics giving me the debuger prompt. When the machine is rebooting
> and as the messages are scrolling by it seem that its looking on SCSI 0
> for a boot something or other. Why does it do this. I reinstalled a
> dozen times and cant figure out the problem. can some one tell me whats
> going on. Thanks.

It always helps having the version of OpenBSD you are trying to work with
when resolving *any* problem.  I'm gonna hazard a guess, and go with the
assumption that you are trying to use 2.1.

Also, the above is unclear where the problem is.  On one hand you say that
you have a panic debuger prompt.  On the other you say that there are messages
scrolling by (which I'll presume are from /boot).

To boot your machine with multiple OSs, you will need a boot-loader, something
like osbs, or system commander.