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RE: Help on Install

Sorry I am using OpenBSD 2.2 . I purchased the copy in February of this 
year so I am very sure its 2.2. I originally purchased it to port OpenBSD 
to a NEC RiscStation 200 with the help of Per but have since lost the 
machine because of legal matters. I hope the instructions you gave earlier 
are still valid. One last question. Will future releases of OpenBSD be non 
disc specific (as far as install). Or are there any means now to remedy 
this problem now during install?

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On Thursday, May 7, omar wrote:
> I have a p200 with an adaptec2940 SCSI card and two four gig HD's. My
> delima is that the first HD with ID 0 is full and is used by other OS's
> thers nothing on the second HD with ID 1. So I thought it was a good
> idea to load OpenBSD on it. So I ewnt ahead and purchased the CD set.
> Now the problem is when I finish installing and reboot the machine and
> it panics giving me the debuger prompt. When the machine is rebooting
> and as the messages are scrolling by it seem that its looking on SCSI 0
> for a boot something or other. Why does it do this. I reinstalled a
> dozen times and cant figure out the problem. can some one tell me whats
> going on. Thanks.

It always helps having the version of OpenBSD you are trying to work with
when resolving *any* problem.  I'm gonna hazard a guess, and go with the
assumption that you are trying to use 2.1.

Also, the above is unclear where the problem is.  On one hand you say that
you have a panic debuger prompt.  On the other you say that there are 
scrolling by (which I'll presume are from /boot).

To boot your machine with multiple OSs, you will need a boot-loader, 
like osbs, or system commander.