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Re: man du versus BLOCKSIZE

>Hmmm, you scared me that I hadn't looked at the situation closely
>In fact as soon as I did an alias du I got the smae result as you did ---
>BUT after a moment of feeling foolish I realized that
>alias du (du -k)
>was only in the user accounts, and I had been using the root account at
>the time I had the problem.  The root did not have an alias, but it did
>have the environment variable BLOCKSIZE set to 1k.
>So my original questions stand.  Any opinion on the way to help someone
>else in the future from stumbling over it as I did?

Did you su to root or did you login as root (which you shouldn't do)?
I think that (depending on what shell root has) the du alias is still in
effect if you su to root.  If you log in as root then you shouldn't have
the du alias as long as it is not set up in the .profile or .cshrc files
(depending on what shell root has).

Aaron Jackson		jackson@msrce.howard.edu