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ae0 problems, quadra 840AV w/OpenBSD 2.2

Hi, I'm having a problem with my Quadra 840AV and OpenBSD 2.2.
It boots up fine, when it detects the network card (Asante) it just hangs.
Here's the last error message it prints out:

ae0 at nubus0: address 00:00:94:21:d1:93, type MacCon Ethernet, 32KB Memory

Then it hangs.  I've tried two different Asante cards, one dated 1994,
part # MCNB REV A, which has AUI and 10BaseT connectors.  
The other one is dated 1991, part # MC3NB(ST-NIC-V) which has Coax, AUI, and
10BaseT connectors.

They both appear to have the 8390 chipset (DP83902AVLJ on the newer card,
and DP83902V on the older one)

Thanks in advance,

Josh Rivel


Josh Rivel	Senior Network Engineer		Digital Telemedia, Inc.