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Re: Help on Install

> The first disk has NT and Openstep 4.2. I am using NT to multi boot the NT 
> loader to multi boot the system at this  time although I am switching boot 
> disks on the SCSI card from 0 to 1 ( my SCSI card an ADAPTEC2940 alows you 
> to switch SCSI ID for booting) to boot OpenBSD when I install it for now. 
> All this will change to the NT boot loader when I get everything working 
> though. I booted from the CD on my SCSI CD-ROM for booting OpenBSD (another 
> option on the SCSI card). It panics as it is loading the OS right after it 
> scans the bus. And that's when I get the dd> prompt. It mentions booting or 
> looking for boot file on /dev/sda. That's all I have for now. I'll try to 
> be more specific when I try booting again. BTW it was mentioned to me to 
> boot with the -a option.

Try to type the following boot command at the "boot>" prompt:

boot sd1a:/bsd