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Re: GeeK: multi-booting with NT

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Jim Rees wrote:

> It seems the NT loader can be used to boot OpenBSD.  You just have to make a
> copy of the first sector (the PBR) of the OpenBSD part of the disk, put it
> in a file in the NT file system, and add a line to boot.ini.  Something like
> this (assume the NT partition is mounted at /c):

For what it is worth, the FreeBSD boot manager, booteasy, seems to work
fine for my with windows/95, windows/NT and FreeBSD.  Since the NT and 95
install overwrites the MBR, you need to run the FreeBSD install kernel, go
to the custom menu, and tell it to install the booteasy MBR. 

The only problems I've ever had with it were when the disk geometry was 
confused (i.e I ran FreeBSD fdisk and it used different disk parameters 
than the BIOS was using).

I hope the FreeBSD booteasy program is different than the OpenBSD one, 
cause otherwise, my face is a bit red... (*:


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