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Re: man du versus BLOCKSIZE

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Aaron Jackson wrote:
> Did you su to root or did you login as root (which you shouldn't do

I logged in as root on that occasion.  I realize that when the machine
starts up it says don't use root, but I also notice that root is setup
with proper paths to do system work.  

I always wondered what the reason not to use root was; this should be good
occasion to elaborate.

Are we supposed to customize our user account by merging in stuff from the
.cshrc and .login files from the ~root directory?  Does it say that in the
FAQ someplace (I didn't notice it).  Should it mention the usual
customization steps for how the main responsible user should set up his
account so that he can su root without getting into path, alias or setenv

Austin Hook