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routing problems

When I use chat/pppd(dynamic) to connect, I use the option 'defaultroute'
so it'll add a
'default route'. The problem is that sometimes, when my line hangs up and I
to reconnect, pppd can't add a default route. It says 'default route already

I have to edit the routing table, delete the default route and add it again,
Is there a way to change that ??

Another thing: Sometimes I use the remote term server as the default route.
since the routing table would have the same properties with any ip I get, why
do I need to delete and add again the default route ??
If I don't do that 'reload', I can't even ping any machine.

Second question: 
Are there any diferences between using my own ip or the terminal server's ip
as my default route ?

Thanks for the attention,
	Gustavo Henrique

Gustavo Henrique - <Sysadmin.com.br - A casa do sysadmin brasileiro>
Btw, I hate fortune cookies in signatures.
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