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Re: building new kernel

You wrote (in your message from Tue 28)
 > >ERNEL  -DMAXUSERS=16 -c param.c
 > >cc1: Invalid option `-Wno-main'
 > >*** Error code 1
 > >

It looks like you're trying to build from -current kernel sources with
a 2.2 userland. The -Wno-main option was added with gcc 2.8.1 for
OpenBSD 2.3.

You should either first upgrade your userland binaries to 2.3 when
it's released, or use the 2.2 kernel sources. Trying to mix the 2 will
only cause problems.

Having said that, you can try the 2.3 kernel. To get it compiled under
2.2, just remove -Wno-main from the Makefile in