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Re: IPF IPNAT OpenBSD 2.3 Alpha

On Fri, 8 May 1998, Matthew Patton wrote:

> Yes, we all know ipnat/ipfilter works just peachy on x86. It DOES NOT on
> alpha. Just ask emory@hellyeah.com. I use ipnat/filter extensively on x86
> so to answer the original poster's question, NO you can not do it till such
> time as ipfilter is 64bit clean. It's not. Well if it is, I'm at a loss to
> explain why it simply don't work.

How disappointing ... I wonder if anyone is truely working on solving the
problem.  What is sad is that I have to kill my OpenBSD installation and
install Linux to get things working the way I'd like them to work...
Darnit, I had my hopes up... :(