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Re: man du versus BLOCKSIZE

> > The default .cshrc aliases su as "su -m".  I, haven hated it,
> > removed the alias, causing su to use root's shell and environment.
> That's sure one good way to discourage novices from acquiring the practice
> of su'ing to root!

What is?  Making the alias or deleting it?

> I wonder what benefits that default alias might have,
> to be worth making that extra hurdle to configuring for good practice.

Oh well, one may want to use his own environment (nice tcsh or (No!
No!  Don't say it!) bash with command line editing, beautiful
aliases etc.) even when he's root.  But then, when that one person
has to stay in single-user mode for a while with sh (or csh) and
ed, that becomes a nice self-LART.  I, personally, when being root,
always like to be reminded of that by the simple "machine# " prompt
(oh, tha hash, the mighty hash character...) and other minimalisms.


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