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Re: man du versus BLOCKSIZE

>I logged in as root on that occasion.  I realize that when the machine
>starts up it says don't use root, but I also notice that root is setup
>with proper paths to do system work.
>I always wondered what the reason not to use root was; this should be
>good occasion to elaborate.

There are quite a few, but for starters, I have killed systems  from
making a typo while root ;) Also, su keeps a log of who goes to root, so
you can catch people who do bonehead things while root.  I suppose it
doesn't really make a difference if you are the only person who uses your

>Are we supposed to customize our user account by merging in stuff from
>.cshrc and .login files from the ~root directory?  Does it say that in
>FAQ someplace (I didn't notice it).  Should it mention the usual
>customization steps for how the main responsible user should set up his
>account so that he can su root without getting into path, alias or
>setenv problems?

 I made sure to add the root path definitions to mine so I didn't have
to give the full path for system commands.  I suppose it might be nice
to mention this for those who are new to system administration...too bad
I have finals right now otherwise I would do it myself ;)

Aaron Jackson		jackson@msrce.howard.edu