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still soundproblems on 2.2 i386 ..

Hello !

I'm using 2.2 i386 for a project where i need graphics and sound. 
The graphics stuff runs nice with Mesa 3.0 beta. 
The problem is the sound stuff. My experience so far:

- opti 930
        tried with the opti 929 in m$s and sb mode.
        Didn't work and i found no docu on the net for 930.

next thing i tried:

- media-vision pro audio spectrum 16
        The pas is supported by the kernel (not native but it has
        it's own init routines where it switches in a sb compatible
        the card also works fine with linux and nt - but not on 2.2.

        i thought it's a timing problem in the sb or pas driver, because
        the probe and detection is ok, but the sbdsp_reset() does not

        I compared the freebsd pas code(have heard it works there)  and
        some timing things in sys/dev/isa/pas.c and in /dev/isa/sbdsp.c
- but 
        it's still not working. (the inititalization functions are now
        same as on freebsd)

        hmmm ?! ....

        Then i saw the mail from Jason:

        > Subject: SoundBlaster no longer detected.
        > My soundblast was working with -current up until i tried 
        > to recompile the kernel after the ossaudio had been added.
        > With a -current kernel now, I get this during boot up
        > sb: setting drq mask 02 failed, got 22
        > My old kernel still gives me sound and configs /dev/audio
        > sb: setting drq mask 02 failed, got 22

        hmmm ....

	so maybe the problem is not in the sounddrivers itself ? 

any ideas ? 


Tom Knienieder                                 knee@enemy.org
System && Graphics software     knienieder@natters.netwing.at