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Re: still soundproblems on 2.2 i386 ..

I should maybe note this.
I usually try to avoid PNP and my SB is PNP but I usually turn off PNP
and have no problems with Linux or FreeBSD.
I changed my kernel config to no explicitly set the sound blaster
and let isapnp find it and configure it and my problem is solved
for the time being.  (I'd still like to explicitly set it tho).


On Sun, May 10, 1998 at 11:41:07AM +0200, tom wrote:
>         I compared the freebsd pas code(have heard it works there)  and
> changed
>         some timing things in sys/dev/isa/pas.c and in /dev/isa/sbdsp.c
> - but 
>         it's still not working. (the inititalization functions are now
> the 
>         same as on freebsd)
>         hmmm ?! ....
>         Then i saw the mail from Jason:
>         > Subject: SoundBlaster no longer detected.
>         > My soundblast was working with -current up until i tried 
>         > to recompile the kernel after the ossaudio had been added.