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Re: Motif

> Is there a port of OSF certified Motif 1.2 or 2.0 out for OpenBSD? I've
> been using Lesstif and I really dig it, but it seems buggy in some area's.
> (as if 'normal' Motif isn't :-)) Anyway, thanks for any help.
> --
> josh

	Is there a port of OSF motif 1.2 or 2.0 to anything? Having
personally had to build Motif from OSF's distributions on many
platforms I think it only builds out-of-box on some hypothetical
polyglot of OSF/1 and SunOS 4.1.4. (The Bastard Operating System From
Hell?) - Other than that most vendors hack and slash it into building
with their X on their boxes. Lesstif is buggy, sure, and so is Motif -
they just aren't bug for bug compatible yet. I've never - ever - in 3
(4?) revs of Motif sources that I have built had it build cleanly
without some chainsaw work.
	Motif source can't even be distributed without license, so
you're probably not likely to see a port. I for one am not anxious to
expend effort to make Motif go even with access to sources, since I
think that'll slow people down from fixing Lesstif - which can at
least be publicly improved. Considering the recent actions of the
Open-your-wallet-or-your-system-gets-it Group, at least my opinion of
that probably isn't going to change soon.