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Re: Socks and TIS

>Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 18:18:46 +0300
>From: Alejo Sanchez <sancheza@origin.com.ar>
>To: "misc@openbsd.org" <misc@openbsd.org>
>Subject: Socks and TIS
>Does anyone use TIS and/or Socks under OpenBSD 2.2 i386?
>Any help/ideas/tips will be apreciated!

I've installed socks5-v1.0r5 on such a machine and have it running
as a socks5 server with sixteen pre-spawned daemons.  It seems to
work against socks5 clients on OpenBSD, Solaris and the Windows3.1
clients (CuteFTP, Ewan) I've tested with Sockscap.  I haven't really
used this in a production system; it was set up to demonstrate that
this is feasible.

I made some notes on what I did to compile all this etc.  You are
welcome to a copy if it might be useful.  *Warning* there are some
loose ends I really should go back and tidy up.

I've also compiled TIS's fwtk2.1 on this machine.  Although I haven't
used it much.  I really just wanted a copy of plug-gw to use.  Again
this was for demonstration purposes and hasn't been used in a
production system.