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2.1 Pmax panics

A Pmax (v 2.1, 3100, 16MB, 2 local disks) intermittantly panics with the
same message:  

panic: remrunqueue

This panic occurs randomly, sometimes many days intervening between panics.
The machine is running X, and the panics seem to occur during activity
in an xterm; i.e. these panics are not (yet) seen during idle periods.

The number of open windows is approximately 10 to 15, although the panic
has been observed with as few as 5 open windows.

A panic can follow on closing an xterm, typing in an exterm, pasting
with the mouse.

These xterms all are invoked with lines like
	xterm .... -e rlogin -l xxx -8 some_other_host

Thanks for any help or hope,