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Re: man du versus BLOCKSIZE

On May 9,  7:07pm, Aaron Jackson wrote:

> There are quite a few, but for starters, I have killed systems  from
> making a typo while root ;) Also, su keeps a log of who goes to root, so
> you can catch people who do bonehead things while root.  I suppose it
> doesn't really make a difference if you are the only person who uses your
> machine.
>-- End of excerpt from Aaron Jackson

Of course, it's even *safer* to use the "sudo" command (or some similar
program) to handle root commands in some cases.

On my home machine, I have 2 main login accounts: "drwho" (normal user
account) and "admin" (has full su, sudo, etc access).  The "drwho" account
has the "safe" sudo setup, so that account can only run a few commands as
root.  The advantage is, if you have slippery fingers (like I often do),
then you can setup sudo to run only *safe* commands from your account, or
things that aren't likely to do serious damage.  Not to mention, sudo
only allows you to run a single command with root privs, rather than actually
*becoming* the root user and then forgetting you're su'ed to root and
doing something dumb (been there, done it).

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