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Tomorrow we are getting the OpenBSD stickers printed for inclusion
with the CDs.  I think people will like the new stickers.

If things go according to plan, the CDs should be back by next Tuesday
(May 19th).  This puts us a little bit ahead of schedule.  I've talked
things over with Austin at the Computer Shop, and confirmed that the
CDs which people have already ordered will ship that same day, as soon
as I get him the CDs -- the packaging materials will be prepared ahead
of time.  Typically I get 150 or 200 the first day, and then the
remainder on the next day; the delay is because they do the jewel case
insertion in Calgary after the box of raw CDs arrives.

As well, a couple of boxes of 20 or 50 CDs will be shipping by Fedex
and other couriers to a number of other locations.  Looks like we even
have a German book store on the list.  We'll update our list at
www.openbsd.org/orders.html with new contacts once we are sure what
they are; for the moment that list still describes the contacts that
have 2.2 CDs available.

In the meantime, if you want to get a CD as soon as possible after the
release, go check out
and our web ordering page.

Remember, this plays a part in funding the project (besides the
donations that a lot of OpenBSD people -- primarily *developers* --
have put into the project).