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Re: openbsd.com, etc.

> Is there anything we can do about this situation, apart from biting the
> bullet until he decides to move on to another amusement de jour?

	IMNSHO, why worry? Yet another [ Insert OS Here ] bigot
showing his ass to the net by bashing [ Insert other OS Here ]. (Oh my
oh my, I've never seen that on the net before! OpenBSD must be just
terrible!) As if the net doesn't have plenty of OS bigots to go
around. So what? OpenBSD has been bashed before by more clueful idiots
and has stood on it's merits before in spite of it.

	All public outrage will do is make you look like a whiner and
get his rocks off. Victimizing him makes him a martyr. Ignore him and
he gets no satifaction.

	(Ok, there's my 2 cents)