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Re: openbsd.com, etc.

Bob Beck <beck@obtuse.com> wrote:
> 	IMNSHO, why worry? Yet another [ Insert OS Here ] bigot
> showing his ass to the net by bashing [ Insert other OS Here ]. (Oh my
> oh my, I've never seen that on the net before! OpenBSD must be just
> terrible!) As if the net doesn't have plenty of OS bigots to go
> around. So what? OpenBSD has been bashed before by more clueful idiots
> and has stood on it's merits before in spite of it.

There might be a slight chance that someone would go to openbsd.com instead
of openbsd.org, think that OpenBSD's server had been hacked and go away with
a less-than-impressed view of OpenBSD's security. Which is a pity since
OpenBSD treats security so carefully.


\/ Jon Ribbens / jon@oaktree.co.uk