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Re: openbsd.com, etc.

	NetBSD looks to be planning on using netbsd.com to push CDs
	(when the finally get printed :). It might be an idea (assuming
	you get the domain), to have openbsd.com be a slightly more
	commercially orientated homepage...


     		  -=-  "cold nights, dark days..."  -=-

On Tue, 12 May 1998, Austin Hook wrote:

> I see that FreeBSD has the freebsd.com address pointing to freebsd.org
> too.  How about just applying for openbsd.com and ask the registration
> people to give the guy his money back.
> Also, the guy might be a practical joker, and might appreciate a "ok,
> congratulations, funny joke! we've seen it ; now will you get go of it in
> a few days?"  We probably don't have to make it a big confrontation unless
> he is really a bad sport.  Remember, everyone has their own perspective on
> humour (for better or for worse!). 
> Austin Hook