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Re: This is intolerable: RE: www.openbsd.com animation (fwd)

> This is not advocacy -- this is garbage. This is the type of "effort"
> that make's all of us look like pubescent idiots.

Ummm.  First off, there is absolutely no tie between these folks and
us.  They were also hosting www6.freebsd.org for awhile but after
someone pointed the existance of www.openbsd.com out to us last night,
that is no longer the case.  I've also contacted the person directly
responsible for putting up this page and asked them to take it down, a
request which they politely refused, and that's about all I can do.

To be honest, openbsd.com and openbsd.net should have been allocated
by the OpenBSD folks if they didn't want something like this to happen
since we all know how much of a free-for-all this whole registration
business is.  I failed to do the same thing for FreeBSD and just got
lucky that freebsd.com and freebsd.net were registered by folks with
our better interests at heart - it could just as easily have gone
another way.

Of course, the real evil here was in making the .org, .com and .net
domains completely meaningless by letting anyone register whatever the
hell they wanted in any of the 3, and if I were a more cynical man I
would say that this was a deliberate move by the NIC to get everyone
to pay 3 times for the same registration in order to keep people from
launching hostile attacks against one's trademark.  They've already
stated that they won't remove domains due to trademark infringement
which pretty much leaves it wide open for any unscrupulous person to
do what was done to the OpenBSD Project.

- Jordan