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file locations?

sorry to be 'spamming' the list. I'll be putting my comments together so as
to cut down on the traffic.

I noticed quotaon and quotacheck are in different locations. Why aren't
they both in /usr/sbin? Having read the "file system guide" (sorry link
isn't handy) /sbin/quotacheck hardly seems 'necessary' for basic
bootstrapping and singleuser mode. What sayeth the core group about moving it?

A bit more about rc file contents:

>if [ ! -d /var/tmp/vi.recover ]; then
>        if [ -e /var/tmp/vi.recover ]; then
>                echo "Warning!  /var/tmp/vi.recover is not a directory!"
>        else
>                mkdir /var/tmp/vi.recover
>                chmod 1777 /var/tmp/vi.recover
>        fi

Now when we discover vi.recover is not a directory shouldn't we unlink it
and proceed to make the directory anew? So the code would look like:

if [ ! -d /var/tmp/vi.recover ]; then
        if [ -e /var/tmp/vi.recover ]; then
                echo "Warning!  /var/tmp/vi.recover is not a directory!"
                rm -f /var/tmp/vi.recover
        mkdir /var/tmp/vi.recover
        chmod 1777 /var/tmp/vi.recover

On an unrelated note, I see that VI stuffs files into /var/preserve. Under
what conditions does this happen?

Yes, yes my holy grail at the moment is finding what constitutes an
absolutely minimalist system. Preferably something I can boot off 1 flopppy
but it looks like it'll be 2. The box doesn't do anything but act as a
router and packet filtering firewall. Any comments regarding such an effort?