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Re: 2 small edits to /etc/rc

>That's pretty stupid.
>You need an rc.local file.

What on earth for? All it does is launch sshd/cfsd/snmpd/scon and a few
others provided the flags are set just so. My point is that it's completely
optional. You can't say that about /etc/rc. While kind of 'stupid', rc.conf
and netstart are also optional. My point is that particularly with
rc.local, the going to multi-user mode shouldn't fail if it doesn't see the
file. Harken back to the old DOS days. The computer would boot just fine
without config.sys or autoexec.bat. Sure it wasn't configured very nicely
but it DID boot.

You've made quiet clear that people should write programs in a safe manner
and to FIX their mistakes. Well I assert that people ought to write (within
reason) robust (ie. fault tolerant) script files. Just because it doesn't
happen to blow up in a default setup doesn't mean it's fine. We've just
been lucky. I mean we could go to extremes here and instead of just
checking for '-f' we could check for '-x' as well on some of this stuff.