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Re: file locations?

In <>, Matthew Patton wrote: 
> Yes, yes my holy grail at the moment is finding what constitutes an
> absolutely minimalist system. Preferably something I can boot off 1 flopppy
> but it looks like it'll be 2. The box doesn't do anything but act as a
> router and packet filtering firewall. Any comments regarding such an effort?

If you want to work towards useable one-floppy solutions, a key point
is to reduce the number of binaries (to reduce the number of inodes
and to avoid duplicated libraries and/or the dynamic linking support).

The approach I took is to have a /sbin/init replacement which acts as
init(8) if it is pid == 1 and as other programs if not. To tell which
program it should act like, it looks at argv[0] or if argv[1] is ":"
at argv[2], so you can do `init : route add default kongo`. This saves

The version I currently use for routers acts as a simple more(1),
dmesg, a md5-based one-user login, sleep, route(8) and df(1). It's too
rough to be distributed, but if someone wants to look at it, let me
know. I use it with FreeBSD, but I see no reason that it shouldn't run
on OpenBSD out-of-the-box if you replace the dmesg code (needs to be
fixed for kzip'ed kernels anyway) and put in the OpenBSD version of

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