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Re: kernel compiling probs

Janne Johansson <jj@it.kth.se> writes:

> I get this when compiling both "arla" and the official KTH-kerberos on 
> different files.

Compiling official kth-krb on OpenBSD 2.2 shouldn't be a problem as long
as you have the correct paths set when you build it.
But why do you want to compile it? It is integrated in 2.3.

And compiling Arla on OpenBSD 2.2 needs a lot of magic (the OS has
old krb.h and libkrb and we (Arla) use features from the new one). Run 2.3
if you want a decent kerberos that works without problems.

> The kerberos compile gives me:
> kerberos.c:201: Undefined symbol `_krb_get_err_text' referenced from text 
> segment
> ...and then some 10-15 more of those in other parts of the same compile.

You link with the wrong libkrb.

> I'm using OpenBSD2.2 on a Sparc with a recompiled kernel containing only
> Sun4m  stuff and commenting out the things I don't need from GENERIC.

Bad idea. sun4m-only kernels tend to be pretty unstable. Run GENERIC, you
don't loose much on it.