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OpenBSD on a 5000-240


I am trying to install OpenBSD on a DEC500-240 by coping files from a
DEC 3100.  My first attempt at just getting the thing to boot from the
drive I walked over there failed due to the mouse/keyboard problem.

I got the patch nessary to fix this and compiled a kernal.  I walked the
drive over again and tried to get it to boot.  This time, it didn't boot
either, failing for a defferent reason each time I tried it.  The first
time it hung after an ifconfig error, the second the disks would not sync,
the third the same as the second but it decided to crash sooner.

I tried to boot the new GENERIC kernal on the 3100, with much the same

One thing to note, origionally OpenBSD was compiled and installed at
version 2.1 on a DEC 3100.  I have succeded in "copying" this version to
many other 3100's and a DEC 5000-200.  When I compiled the patched kernal
for the 5000-240 it said it was version 2.3 (this is probally due to
source updates).  Is there some sort of problem with a 2.3 kernal and 2.1
files and programs?  Is there a way I can fix this?  Is there any way I
will be able to get Ultrix off of this DEC 5000-240?  Is there any hope at

Any tips, success stories, solutions welcome.

Thank you in advance for you time and effort.

Daniel Colpi
Purdue University