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Re: kernel compiling probs

> > I get this when compiling both "arla" and the official KTH-kerberos on 
> > different files.
> Compiling official kth-krb on OpenBSD 2.2 shouldn't be a problem as long
> as you have the correct paths set when you build it.
> But why do you want to compile it? It is integrated in 2.3.

Because I figured out that the krb.h used in our other computers had some 
routine defined that arla needed and that OpenBSD2.2's krb.h didn't.

> And compiling Arla on OpenBSD 2.2 needs a lot of magic (the OS has
> old krb.h and libkrb and we (Arla) use features from the new one). Run 2.3
> if you want a decent kerberos that works without problems.

So where do I find 2.3?
I primarily use your (stacken) ftp/afs to get the files I need, but the 
2.3-directory is clean as can be. There are patches for 2.3 in the patchdirs, 
but no distribution as I can see.

> > I'm using OpenBSD2.2 on a Sparc with a recompiled kernel containing only
> > Sun4m  stuff and commenting out the things I don't need from GENERIC.
> Bad idea. sun4m-only kernels tend to be pretty unstable. Run GENERIC, you
> don't loose much on it.

I meant from ../../../conf/GENERIC, like support for ext2fs,nfsserver and so on.

One more thing for those of you that run OpenBSD on sparcs, why does the 
screen get mangled while scrolling down in "vi"? I noticed this on an LX 
first, but after compiling a new kernel it went away. Now I'm installing 
OpenBSD on a Sparc5 and got the same effect, so I'll try to make a new kernel 
on that one too, so I can use editors without the screenmemory getting all 

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