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Re: Two Questions

> I just have a comple questions.  Most importantly, is the 2.3 release
> available for download yet?  I've been seeing a lot of talk about it on
> this list but can't find it on the FTP sites.

No, it is not available yet.  Speaking of which, I just got the
stickers made, and they look great.  This time around they have a
black background and... but never mind, don't let me spoil the
surprise for anyone.

The CD documentation itself turned out excellent. We've put a lot of
effort into making the CD cover answer a lot more questions that people
had with the previous installs.  In fact, the black&white side of the
4-page insert contains a full typescript of an i386 install, so that
people can see what they should be doing.  A seperate section of text
talks about recommended partition layouts and sizes...

> Secondly, what do you recommend for the partitions in the disklabels?
> I've heard recommendations to setup a FS for /home, /var, /tmp, etc,
> problem being I don't know how much space to allocate for each.  Just
> wondering if a kinds soul out there can help me out.

That'll be covered with the CD docs, and will also show up in the 2.3
directory later.